Wool Jersey

The basic philosophy of the Pullover brand is to design and produce simple menswear in a good and long lasting quality. We strive to only use the best materials, and we do not compromise when selecting our yarns.

Extra Fine Merino wool from the Italian brand Biella Yarns is used when producing our wool jerseys. Bella Yarns is a family owned business that we have been working with since 1998. They are located in the north of Italy, about 20 kilometres west from Milan. The knitted material used is very delicate and therefore can be worn directly on the body, and is therefor often used for underwear.

We have developed along side Beilla Yarns via extensive testing a distinctive material for our knitwear. These materials are organic, therefore each garment will contain a unique blend, but our knitted formula will ensure continuity and exclusivity for the Pullover brand.

Our wool jerseys have a regular fit, but are to be found in several styles such as striped or plain.

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