Heavy wool jersey

Using the same Extra Fine Merino Wool from Bielle Yarns as we do for our Basic Wool Jersey Jumper, we have also crafted a thicker fabric that we call Heavy Wool Jersey. Producing this new fabric took us around the months, through which we continuously tested the quality of the knitting.

The Heavy Wool Fabric has the same elasticity, softness and other good qualities as the fabric we use for the Basic Wool Jersey Jumper. In addition the Heavy Wool Fabric is thicker as it is more tightly knitted, which makes it suitable in the production of some of other products, such as:

  • Heavy Wool Jersey Cardigan with zipper or buttons
  • Heavy Wool Jersey Sweatshirt
  • Heavy wool Jersey Tracksuit Pants


The picture above displays the Heavy Wool Jersey Cardigan with buttons. This style is available in plan colors Black, Dark Grey Melange, Light Grey Melange (picture) and Navy.

The buttons are made from mother-of-pearl.