Basic Wooljersey Jumper

All our Basic Wool Jersey Jumpers are made from 100% Extra Fine Merino Wool coming from Biella Yarns in Italy.

These high quality yarns are normally used for exclusive underwear in Italy, since the fabric, because of its incredible softness, can be worn directly on the body.

With the use of these Extra Fine Merino Wool yarns and through numerous tests, we have developed our own fabric from scratch that we use for all over Basic Wool Jersey Jumpers. We aim the fabric to have the same weight, the same strength, the same durability, and the same wash performance every time we produce. Our Basic Wool Jersey Jumpers weigh about 0,3 kg, which makes the fabric very light and comfortable to wear.

The Basic Wool Jersey Jumper is available through all seasons in our running assortment colors: Grey Melange, Navy, and Black - as well as in different striped combinations and seasonal colors.

Our Basic Wool Jersey Jumper is produced and made in Italy.

For more than 15 years, we have been working closely with the same family-owned production facilities based in the northern part of Italy, very close to Milan. They have their own in-house circular knitting machine and sewing room.

This family-owned company has developed very fine traditions for great Italian craftsmanship through many generations.